Homeowners and Builders Use Slide-Lok’s One Day Concrete Floor Coating System To Simplify Maintenance, Extend Floor Life and Beautify and Add Value to Homes

  Homeowners and Builders are increasingly using Slide-Lok’s garage floor coating system to add value to homes

  Phoenix, AZ – February 29, 2008 – Slide-Lok’s one-day floor coating system has become immensely popular with home builders and homeowners alike. The company’s garage floor coating system has set the industry standard—namely a quick, one day installation and fast return to service the next day.

Slide-Lok’s revolutionary garage floor coating system cut days, and sometimes weeks, off the time it takes traditional epoxy and polyurethane garage floors to be installed, giving applicators and consumers convenience not available in any other product. In addition to quick installation, Slide-Lok’s floor coating system delivers a rich appearance, and almost limitless finish options, using decorative chips available in almost any color combination imaginable. As more and more people get organized, wanting to clean up their garage is a natural fit. People are less and less willing to accept a boring grey cement garage floor, particularly when they install good quality, good looking garage cabinets. The garage can now be made to be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the home.

Slide-Lok’s garage floor coatings are often purchased by homeowners desiring to ease the chore of keeping their garage floors looking neat and clean, as the floor coating system creates an easy to wash and maintain finish. In markets where salt is commonly used during the winter to keep ice off roads, Slide-Lok’s floor coating system is used to protect concrete garage floors, driveways, sidewalks and patios from the erosion and pitting caused when salt is deposited on the garage floor and driveway from vehicles with melting road snow and ice, thus extending the life of the garage floor and driveway, adding value to a home.

Slide-Lok’s floor coating offers superior durability and strength that cannot be matched by traditional epoxies and polyurethane floor coating systems. The strength and durability of Slide-Lok’s polyaspartic floor coatings derive from the product soaking into, and bonding with, the concrete floor. Epoxy systems do not penetrate the concrete, but rather, sit on top of the concrete after curing, creating, in essence, a sheet of glass. Furthermore, polyaspartics have greater elasticity than epoxy systems. As concrete expands and contracts with changes in temperature and moisture, epoxy systems are prone to peeling and delamination. Polyaspartic garage floor coatings virtually eliminate the problem of peeling and delamination commonly associated with epoxy floor coating systems. Because of these advantages, Slide-Lok’s floor coating system has been recognized as being the best on the market and has an industry leading warranty.

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About Slide-Lok:

Slide-Lok is an industry leader in the fast growing garage and overall home organization market with over 30 years experience in producing high quality, durable cabinetry and Slat-Wall storage systems. Slide-Lok’s garage cabinets utilize a patented dovetail design, plywood construction, adjustable 6-way hinges, and Thermofuse doors – making Slide-Lok the quality leader. Slide-Lok’s garage flooring system features a 1 day all weather install and are 4x stronger than epoxy; and Slide-Lok’s closet line features dovetail construction, fast order to install time, and the quality and esthetics consumers have come to expect from Slide-Lok. Slide-Lok is proud to be an officially licensed product of NASCAR in conjunction with the top NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers. Slide-Lok’s garage cabinets are also featured on

Slide-Lok’s dealer network includes more than 150 dealers across the United States and Canada.

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